Individual/TeamTeams of four (randomly assigned). Number of teams will be dependent on number of players, we’ll try real hard to even out the number of players on each team. Be sure to name your team!
Tournament structureIf there are four teams, they’ll play a single elimination tournament of two rounds, meaning three total games. If there are three teams, they’ll play a round robin tournament with three total games.
Event Time2 hours
General RulesThis ultimate trivia contest will be a combination of the greatest individual trivia competition Jeopardy! and the greatest team trivia competition quiz bowl
House RulesGame structure: Each game will be comprised of a round of 10 tossup questions, each one followed by team bonus questions. After the tossup round, a Final Jeopardy round will be played where each team can wager any amount up to their current point total.

Tossups: Each tossup is a grab bag question, meaning that the first team to buzz in is allowed to answer first. If that team answers correctly, they receive 10 points and the sole right to collaboratively answer three bonus questions for up to 30 points. If that team answers a tossup incorrectly, 10 points are deducted from their point total and the other team has an opportunity to buzz in. If neither team answers the tossup, the reader will move on to the next category and tossup. Your team may only buzz in once, and no talking is allowed during tossups.

Bonus: After successfully answering a tossup, bonus questions will be read to your team, and your designated team captain will have 15 seconds to answer each question. You may discuss bonus questions amongst your team before answering. There is no penalty for incorrectly guessing an answer to a bonus question.

Final Jeopardy: After the tossup round is completed, the reader will provide the question category for the last question -- the Final Jeopardy round. Each team will be given 60 seconds to create a wager of any number of points from 0 up to their total score. The reader will then read the question and teams will have 90 seconds to write down an answer and physically submit it to the reader. Each team’s wager is added or subtracted from their score accordingly if their answer is correct/incorrect. The team with the highest point total at the end of Final Jeopardy is the winner.

Teams with a negative score may not participate in Final Jeopardy.
PointsGold - 8 points to each player on team
Silver - 6 points to each player on team
Bronze - 4 points to each player on team
Participation - 1 point to each player on team
TiesIn the event of a tie, the reader will read a sudden death tossup question from a new random game. The first team to successfully answer a tossup question -- or to have the other team guess wrong -- wins! If neither team answers, repeat the process.
Question SourceTo ensure lack of prior knowledge regarding question contents, the following method has been devised to generate the questions for each game. Questions will be randomly selected from j-archive. Use generate a random number between 1062 and 4780. Then use that number as the show ID to pick a random game on J-Archive between 2001 and 2015. The reader will then announce day the game originally aired.

Then, starting from the left column in single Jeopardy, the $400 question will be read as a tossup. The team that answers the tossup correctly first will be read 3 more bonus questions from the same category (column). The $600 question will be worth 5 points, $800 will be 10 points, and the $1000 question will be worth 15 points.

After five tossups, the reader will switch to the double Jeopardy questions from the same show for the remaining five tossups, using the same model for tossup and bonus questions. The final Jeopardy question will be the final Jeopardy question from that same Jeopardy game.

More info on how to run a trivia event here.

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