Sandcastle Contest

Individual/TeamTeams of four (randomly assigned). Remaining competitors will be divided evenly among the teams.
Tournament structureFifteen minutes prior to the end of the event, time will be called (shovels down). Each player casts one (public) vote for the best sandcastle. You cannot vote for your own team.
Event Time2 hours
General RulesEquipment will be passed out to each team at the beginning of the event. You may not use outside equipment. Your castle will be judged based on cleverness of design, creativity, aesthetics, and your personality
House RulesNo sabotage or castle-kicking allowed
PointsGold - 8 points to each player on team
Silver - 6 points to each player on team
Bronze - 4 points to each player on team
Participation - 1 point to each player on team
TiesIf any two teams are tied in votes, they must each select one team member and completely bury/cover that person in the sand lying down. Only neck & head may be showing outside the sand. Fastest burial wins.

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