Little Tykes Golf

Tournament structureWinner of the event has the best combined score in the Skills Challenge - Putting, Chipping, and Driving
Event Time4 Hours
General RulesPutting: Count the number of strokes it takes to sink it into treacherous "Solo Mountain"
Chipping: How many out of five attempts can you make into the "Ring of Fire"?
Driving: Your best attempt out of two tries is taken. Longest drive - 5 points; 2nd longest - 4 points; 3rd longest - 3 points; 4th longest - 2 points; all others - 1 point

Your total combined skills score for medal placement will be (6 - putting score [can't go below zero]) + (chipping score) + (driving score)
House RulesYou may use any means necessary to distract the shooter - other than physically tampering with the course and/or making contact with them in the act of shooting.
PointsGold - 12 points
Silver - 8 points
Bronze - 4 points
Participation - 1 point
TiesIn the event of a tie, the tied players will both spin around with their heads around on a golf club 10 times and then compete in a footrace to the ocean and back



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