Egyptian Ratscrew

Tournament structurePlayers will be divided into pods of four and play one game of ERS. (If there are remaining players, they will be added randomly to existing pods). The winner in each pod will then go to the Final Pod where the player who collects the entire deck in one game wins the event.
Event Time2 hours
General RulesRules here. You must flip cards facing outwards from the top of your deck, not facing you.
House RulesDoubles and Sandwiches only.
False slap penalty = 1 card under.
You can slap back into the game you were eliminated from. Or another ongoing (2+ remaining players) game of your choice.
You can only slap in to the Final Pod if you were originally in it (no bystanders).
If you are currently out and slap falsely, you will return to the game -1 card (into the middle) for each false slap committed while you were out.
PointsGold - 12 points
Silver (the second to last player to have cards in the Final Pod) - 8 points
Bronze (the third to last player to have cards in the Final Pod) - 4 points
Participation - 1 point
TiesIf a game has not been completed in one hour (either first pods or Final Pod), all remaining players must take the Stopwatch Challenge. Using the same stopwatch, each player gets one chance to start and stop the stopwatch as quickly as possible. Whichever player has the lowest time (ie the quickest reaction time) either advances to the next stage or places accordingly for a medal.

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