Chaos Draft

Tournament structureDraft followed by 3 rounds of swiss.
6-10 players: 1 table
11-14 players: 2 tables
50 minute rounds with 5 extra turns
Tournament will be managed using this site
Event Time3.5 hours
General RulesPacks will be supplied but you don't get to keep the cards. Sorry 🙂
House RulesPull your packs randomly from a hat at the beginning of the draft. The Fallen Empires/Homelands pack will be combined into one and you can pick cards from either when you receive it. It will have a few extra cards but they'll be unplayable.
You may choose which packs to open in which order directly before each round of the draft begins.
PointsGold - 12 points
Silver - 8 points
Bronze - 4 points
Participation - 1 point
TiesIf a round is not completed within 50 minutes + extra turns, each player will get a draw.
Rankings from the MTG Arena web app will be used to determine placing if players have the same amount of points. (using opp match win %)

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