Beer Pong


Individual/TeamTwo-player teams (randomly assigned)
Tournament structureSingle-elimination bracket. Matches will be played concurrently to save time.
Event Time3 hours
General RulesThe rules
House Rules"Eyes" to go first
Bounces: Cup that the ball went in + cup of receiving team's choice.
Reracks: one per game
Spinning ball: Men - use fingers. Women may blow on the ball to dislodge it from the cup.
Fire: if a player makes three cups in a row, he/she may continue shooting until a miss. Must call "heating up" on second cup.
Rebuttals: if the other team makes the final cup, if either player on your team makes a cup, it cancels their shot. None of their cups are removed.
On table rollbacks: not allowed
No islands, bombs, etc
PointsGold - 12 points to each player on team
Silver - 8 points to each player on team
Bronze - 4 points to each player on team
Participation - 1 point
TiesAfter 30 minutes of play, if no team has won, clear the table. Each team picks one champion to play "hand pong." The two players play one point of ping pong using only one hand. You must hit the ball over the center line. The winner of the point wins the match.

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